A lot of people have lost their channels due to contracts ending with networks and the networks still own he channel.

I wonder if that is why Hannah went dark? It really sucks to lose everything you created :(

Missing Hannah Minx

So now I am beginning to worry about our dear Miss Hannah Minx :( 

She has been missing for about seven months (Since October 2013) and hasn’t updated a single status on any social network or posted a video. It used to be quite normal for her to go a few months without posting but this is suspicious. 

There are a lot of rumors out there flying around and some of them are pretty bad. I don’t want to spread those rumors or give power to them but I honestly hope she is safe and ok. 

Here are the facts that we know:

  • Her real name is Hannah Wagner 
  • She was making a movie called Slay Belles but I’m pretty sure it wrapped a while ago and is not in post production.
  • She hasn’t been returning calls from her worried friends. 

Hopefully she just needed a break from the internet and is in hiding! I hope she comes back soon! I love her so much! If you have any info please send an ask my way!